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Kreators are in
Kontrol on Kandiid

There’s no need to fear the mysterious “shadowban” that’s been lurking around other social media platforms. We want you to think outside the box, take risks, and ultimately, be yourself.

We gave you the platform, now it’s your turn to tell the story.
Be Unfiltered and Unapologetically You
Kreators Kontrol their Kontent on Kandiid

At Kandiid we do not shadowban or censor our kreators.

Kreators make Konnections not Komments via DM

Konnecting with users not following builds influence and buying power.

Kontent Kreators have Freedom on Kandiid

At Kandiid a Kreators kreativity is celebrated including mature content.

Get Paid
for your Kontent

Skip complicated brand deals, contracts, and conditions. It can all be so easy—Kreate your Kontent, set your price, and post to your Kommunity. Stress less about the technicalities and Kreate what you love.

No matter if you have one follower or a million you can monetize on Kandiid immediately. 

Kreators Set their Price for their Kontent on Kandiid

Kreators determine the price of their kontent on kandiid.

Kandiid recognizes kreators as entrepreneurs

Kandiid paid albums follow a direct buy pricing model so kreators get paid faster.

Kandiid understands the value of Kreators

Kreators are paid 85% on each paid album. Pay is not based on engagement.

App Features

Free Kontent should be an exception—not the rule. Every moment that you choose to share is valuable. Should an artist be expected to give away a painting for free? If not, why should Kreators be expected to post a continuous stream of free Kontent? It’s time to know your worth. 

Be Kandiidly You

Kandiid Albums

You can upload up to forty images and ten one minute videos in one album. Choose an image or video for an album kover to promote your kontent.

Kandiid reactions

Kandiid reactions allow you to express how much you love kontent without having to have a konnection with the user. Emojis allow for a variety of reactions.

Album Links

Kandiid recognizes Kreators work hard to build engaging kontent and may need to cross promote. On Kandiid users can add links to any free or paid album.


The Klub is for Kreators to highlight their best kontent for all to see. Think the VIP room for the hottest most engaging kontent on Kandiid.

Kandiid Kollections

Kandiid kollections are groups of Kandiid albums linked together. Organize kontent for easy access, promotions and visual storytelling.

Kandiid Konnections

There are no komments on Kandiid only konnections via direct mesage (DM). The deeper your konnections the stronger the influence you have.

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We give Kreators a space to reach their goals and hand them the tools they need to succeed.

  • Immediate Monetization 
  • Kreator Resources
  • Kommunity Building
  • Exclusive Kreator Programs
  • White Glove onboarding and monetization strategy for influencers with large Kommunity’s.  

Kandiid Koncierge
Program Perks

The KLUB VIP Access

Being a part of the Kliq program qualifies you to get your kontent highlighted on The Klub. In The Klub, Kliq Kreators have all eyes on them and their kontent driving album konversions . Email koncierge@kandiid.com to request access to The Klub.**

Influencer/Kreator Training

Kreators are entrepreneurs and training is necessary for growth. Learn how to become a paid Kreator on Kandiid, direct buy revenue model vs engagement base, and techniques to grow your audience from experts in the marketing, finance, and influencer industry.

Onboarding & email support

At Kandiid we support Kreators and Influencers 100% . That also means we support Kreators owning their communities. Get support on moving your community to Kandiid or just on how to drive album konversions we are here to help you grow and reach your business goals.

First access

Kreators are number one on Kandiid. Get exclusive access to new features, beta testing, app upates. Get Kliq merchandise on discount and free promotion on our social media pages.

Kandiid Kollabs

Other platforms make Kreators pay for social ads to get kontent promoted. On Kandiid we partner with our Kreators for high-value experiences that protect the intellectual property of Kreators. From NFT's to music album releases Kreators Kollab on Kandiid.


On Kandiid everything revolves around the album. Creating 50 pieces of kontent for one post allows Influencers to give high-value experiences. Get FREE digital assets, access to free webinars, and other perks that help you monetize and run your Kreator business.


The current way things are done doesn't benefit Kreators. Kandiid's direct buy revenue model allows for Kreators to monetize immediately. Kliq members get access to free webinars and LIVE Q & A sessions on how to monetize from business and influencer industry leaders.

Kreator of the Week

We view Kreators as partners in our success on Kandiid. Randomly each month a Kliq Kreator will be featured on all of our customer facing and internal media.


Frequently Asked Questions

To create a Kandiid you go to the home page on the app and click the + sign in the top left corner. You can also go to your profile page and scroll down to the create album icon

The explore page consists of 4 taps. Top Free|Top Paid|Mature|Verified

Top Free: the most viewed albums that are free

Top Paid: the most viewed albums that are for sale

Mature: albums that are deemed NSFW. You must accept to enter this tab and be 18 or older

Verified: all albums of verified users in chronological order

Albums that are for sale will lock all content inside. If the user sets preview photos in the album, those specific pieces of content will be public to view. Album covers are always public to view.

Albums that are for sale will lock all content inside. If the user sets preview photos in the album, those specific pieces of content will be public to view. Album covers are always public to view.

How do you turn on/off mature?