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5 Reasons the Kandiid app is a Game Changer for Musicians 

Author: Zoe Brunmel

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In the digital age of music, most artists no longer just show up to the studio, record, and leave the rest to management. Many musicians today are heavily involved in their music, from writing and recording to marketing and releasing their tracks. 

You would expect a great return from investing so much time and hard work into a project, but artists are only bringing in from $0.003 and $0.004 per stream of their songs (and that’s only if the track is played for at least 30 seconds). Rightfully so, there has been serious discourse online as to whether it is fair for artists to be making so little for the music they create in an industry where it is so hard to make it in the first place. 

Musicians all around the world are looking for a better way to release their music and make money off their creations. One avenue many artists are moving to is Kandiid, a social marketplace where users can buy and sell content at prices the seller sets themselves within the app. Kandiid welcomes artists and influencers of any kind, especially musicians who are fed up with streaming, to join and discover the benefits of the platform. 

In this article, we will take a look at five reasons why Kandiid is shaping up to be an incredible resource for musicians

1: Make More Money 

The most obvious perk of using Kandiid to profit off of your music is the fact that you will make more money per sale of your songs. For example, if you were to post one track on Kandiid for $1.99, and it only got purchased once, it would have taken you approximately 664 streams of your song to make that $1.99. Now imagine if your entire fanbase was counting down the days until they could purchase a track from you that was only debuting on Kandiid. 

Kandiid’s intuitive interface and tech features make it simple to do this on your own as an independent artist as well. With the new feature of being able to add links within a Kandiid album, your post could include a link to your website to download your song after purchase. This creates a simple, straightforward exchange between artist and listener that is unique to Kandiid.

2: Focus on Creation, Not Competition

When marketing and promoting your music on traditional social media platforms and streaming sites, it can be discouraging to constantly measure yourself and your work up to big names in the industry. The game of likes, comments, shares, and followers has been known to mess with the heads of artists everywhere. 

Kandiid, on the other hand, is focused on creativity, networking and community in a more anonymous way. While likes are visible, there is no comment section on your feed. The app is committed to creating a “safe social media”—a platform that encourages unapologetic creation in an environment where everyone is urged to simply be themselves. This is an especially valuable concept for musicians, as it allows them to take the stress of numbers out of making music that they are passionate about. 

3: Connect with Your Audience

There is no greater feeling to an artist than the love and support from their fanbase. As opposed to the impersonal feel of seeing streams and not being able to connect the numbers to people, Kandiid allows a unique opportunity for interaction and tangible support directly from fan to artist. 

When someone buys an album of artwork, music, or other content on Kandiid, you know that person is actively supporting your work. They believe the things you are creating have value. One of Kandiid’s main missions is to remind creators that their art, their music, and their moments have value. Through the marketplace of content, to connecting with your audience through networking and private messaging, Kandiid finds a way to make a large community feel personal.


Along with the opportunity to connect with the fanbase an artist will bring with them to Kandiid, there are great opportunities to connect with other like-minded creatives in many industries, let alone music. 

Kandiid is a growing hub with other people engaging in the same hustle of promoting music on their own. Linking up with similar individuals could bring about unique situations in which collaborations could arise when the artists might have never met otherwise. This is a perk of joining Kandiid now, while it is still a smaller community, which leads us into our final reason why musicians should join the app.


Kandiid is a young, growing app. This makes it a perfect place for young, growing artists! There is plenty of room for musicians to make a name for themselves and become a top creator in an app that is on the verge of being a huge name in social media. Artists can bring their niche to the app, and be the originator of that community within Kandiid. This is a unique and fleeting opportunity in an age where most social media platforms are oversaturated and have well-established “top creators”. 

Time to Realize Your Value

Whether you are a country musician, classical musician or making a name for yourself as a rapper, Kandiid is a place where you can profit from your hard work while building a tight-knit community simultaneously. Aside from music, any influencer can take these reasons and apply them to their niche of the content creator industry and find Kandiid to be a great fit for them. 

Recognize that your music is more valuable than a few cents and download Kandiid! Available in both iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.


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