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Mike Jackson speaks Investing while Active Duty Military

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With nearly 8 years into a well documented career in the U.S. Air force as a Crew Chief, Mike Jackson is still loving the idea of giving back to his country while defending the rights and freedoms we benefit from daily. For some, the time spent in the armed forces serves as an occupational incentive, while others enlist for sacred reasons, the motive tends to be the same; a sense of calling. Mike Jackson sees his tenure in the Air Force as an educational resource teaching him skill sets that will not only mold his future, but more importantly provide for his family.

While stationed at McChord Air Force base in Washington State, SSgt Mike Jackson learned the invaluable asset of being depended upon. As a Flying Crew Chief, Mike was responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of one of the nation’s largest fleets, the 62nd Airlift Wing. The responsibility carries both worldwide combat support and humanitarian airlift contingencies at a moments call. The rigors of wearing the uniform require Mike to perform at a high level which leaves little room for error; however, in his leisure he educates himself on the various free career transition and advancement programs available for military service members and veterans.

That brings us to the year 2019, and Mike Jackson, like many airmen with a few years under their belt, began to ponder what his future might hold. Mike was comfortable in his career path; however, he figured that with the volatility of the market, it might be a great time to invest his savings. In what may appear as coincidence, he was approached by a good friend and fellow airman, Isaiah Moore, who introduced Mike to a possible investment opportunity idea of a new app his brother-in-law was working on, called Kandiid. “After hanging out and discussing the app, I was intrigued and wanted to meet the Kandiid app founder, Antoine McLaughlin” Mike explained.

After three weeks of countless hours researching the social networking market and calls with Antoine, Mike invested the majority of his savings and became a Co-Founder in Kandiid.

When asked why he made the decision to invest in Kandiid, Mike explained, “None of the competitors are offering the resources and applications that will enable users to control the narrative desired.” Investing, Mike has joined the board of directors as well for being one of the very first investors with the company. Besides serving the country in an active duty status, Mike Jackson assists the Kandiid team when plausible, working hand-to-hand with the daily operations of creating the app. Without any prior knowledge of building an app from scratch, Mike uses his real life applications to lend sound advice on what users feel and need in the functionality of the app.

The technical and logistical skills learned in the Air Force has definitely aided the production as the initial build of the app has seen a multitude of upgrades and advancements. The contributions Mike has rendered to Kandiid provides him a sense of connection to a mission that translates to the duties he performs while in uniform.

As a new father, Mike views life from a different lens than he had once did. “The goal now is to create generational wealth which will act as a springboard in hopes my children can avoid life’s pitfalls”, explains Mike Jackson. Overall the education and resources afforded to both active and retired soldiers is adequate, investing is a viable option that can provide a positive yield. While active duty soldiers can take advantage of the TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) the military doesn’t discourage investing in the stock market. Investing in high yield tech stocks or start-ups is becoming a trend in the market that has risen over 200% amongst new investors. Mike Jackson’s decision to invest in Kandiid was made off of sound advice and a hunch that technology was poised to take off. And Mike couldn’t have been more right! An exploding industry that can seem intimidating to most, the tech field provides challenges and opportunities which aligns with many of the skills and training the military currently provides.

In the role of co-founder and board member, Mike Jackson has seen a shift in the mindset of his fellow soldiers regarding the way they use social networking platforms. Many airmen are hundreds of miles away from family and loved ones’, and the features Kandiid offers is the perfect compliment for airmen and their families alike to stay connected through posting albums. Kandiid’s unique interface offers users the ability for the average Joe to become an investor, hobbyist, or perhaps adapt an enterprise through a collection of art.

Since the Kandiid apps launch in October 2021, the platform has seen an up rise in downloads from military, students, and athletes alike in search of a means to display their expressions through mediums such as candid moments and treasures they hold dear. The great thing about Kandiid ‘s technology is that from the albums created, the user instantly has the ability to become an entrepreneur by assessing the value of their content.

As an active duty Crew Chief, Mike Jackson is surrounded by fellow airmen who share concerns or inquire about their current future or the thought of separation. Mike explains, “Investing is not for everyone; however, he recommends that one does their due diligence to study and educate themselves on the market before diving in”.