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Download the Kandiid App!

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Kandiid is an on-demand user to user photography app that enables individuals to capture life’s candid moments instantly! Kandiid allows you to securely save all of your memorable moments forever.

Selfies can be cringy & asking a stranger to take your photo can be awkward or unsafe. With Kandiid your personal photographer is right around the corner. We make it easy to request a candid photoshoot to any location.


Your iPhone can now be used to make money… by becoming active as an iTographer and taking photos when other users request them. You are able to make up to $120/hr because every session costs $2 per minute. Any user can be an iTographer and you are able to go active/inactive to decide when you want to accept jobs

Requesting your Kandiid session is easy - here’s how it works

• A user requests a session describing the situation and an estimate of how long they want their session to last.

• The app sends a request to active users close to you who are willing to take your photos.

• You can view reviews and a portfolio of photos that the users willing to take your photos have taken in the past.

• Payment is handled securely through the app.

• After your session the photos are sent directly to your Kandiid account to be saved as a moment within Kandiid or downloaded to share on other social media platforms.

Get Candids, Not Selfies

Selfies are a thing of the past; candid photos are the new way to go. With Kandiid you can have a iTographer come to your exact location whenever, wherever! #kandiidsonly

Life of an iTographer

Everyone with an iPhone has an amazing camera in the palm of their hand! Why aren’t you using it to make money? Just make yourself “active” on Kandiid to find gigs in your area on your own time.

Connect with your Friends

Never say “send me those pics from last night” again! On Kandiid you can share unlimited photos between your friends quickly and easily.

Easily Share

All of the moments captured with Kandiid are saved on our secure servers in the cloud. Your data is protected and backed up regularly to ensure you never lose access to those precious moments.

Safe Social Media

Kandiid is a view-only, safe space for creativity and your own personality to shine. Bullying and hateful comments are a thing of the past!

Instant Access

Once an iTographer finishes your session you will immediately have the photos sent to your phone. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for your photos!

Hourly rates

A Kandiid photo shoot costs $2 per minute!

For a 1-hour photo shoot, you can make $120 an hour with only your iPhone!

Keep what you earn!

Kandiid takes 20% commission off of each session.

A different kind of gig economy!

Other Gig economy apps take up to 60% of the money YOU EARNED out of your earnings.